Encounter is currently closed due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. We need to protect our participants, volunteers and staff over anything else. Regular updates on the closure will feature on our social media channels.

A pilot project led by Modo in collaboration and partnership with Community Planning Partners (in particular those concerned with Community Safety and Young People) and identified as a priority both by the young people themselves, Community Planning and Police Scotland.

Encounter Youth Café was born out of a need demonstrated by, and a partnership created by, Oot and Aboot. Recognising that diversionary activity can only be successful where there is somewhere for young people to go, and learning from successful models (eg Elgin Youth Café), Encounter created a safe, central space where young people can come to socialise, and to access services.

Over the years it has been in operation, it has welcomed thousands of people through its doors, been host to hundreds of sessions and events, provided a much needed safe space for young people in the centre of town, given the international communities somewhere to go to learn English, to gain support and advice and most importantly to integrate, and has acted as a catalyst for a variety of creative and cultural activities.

Encounter Youth Café is free to attend and open to all under 25 on:

Mondays: 4pm – 8pm

Wednesdays: 6pm – 8pm

Fridays: 4pm – 8pm