Oot & Aboot 2016

Oot and Aboot was developed in response to a series of fire raising and anti-social incidents. The programme was designed to re-engage the young people of Peterhead. Based on local knowledge a programme was developed using circus skills to appeal to the risk taking and thrill seeking young people by providing exciting experiences in a positive, controlled environment. 

Access to statistics and support from Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service ensured that the programme delivered targeted interventions in Hot Spots to engage the young people who were causing the issues and direct them towards social, positive activities as a route towards a more positive lifestyle. This led to residents feeling safer in their local community and to use their open spaces more.

Oot and Aboot was planned in partnership with Buchan Community Planning Group, Aberdeenshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership, Buchan Community Safety Group, Community Wardens, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Grampian Police, Social Work and Community.