Parades & Aden-eens

Over the last decade, Modo has hosted 10 community extravaganzas in Aberdeenshire in partnership with Shell.

Pandemonium – The Peterhead pirate parade in 2009

Fantasmagoria – A flabberghasting festival of Fraserburgh’s fantoms in 2010

Leviathan – A whale of a parade in 2011

Maelstrom – Fraserburgh in 2012

Aden-een 2013 – A flabbergasting festival of fire, frights and phantoms

Aden-een 2014 – A witch of a walk in the woods

Aden-een 2015 – An affa big adventure

Aden-een 2016 – A cornucopia of Shakespearean delight

Aden-een 2017 – Five men on a dead man’s chest

Aden-een 2018 – The greatest show on earth

The Shell Fireworks Parades, have brought together and engaged thousands of participants from across Aberdeenshire, giving young people real and transferable skills and experiences as they created routines, props and performances for the big events.