What we do

Modo works with young people across Aberdeenshire delivering one off circus skills workshops, long term programmes, targeted projects and large scale community extravaganzas.

Working closely with partners, Modo provides young people with positive, progressive and accredited activities, and contributes widely to providing positive pathways for young people.

CircoModo is our own style of social circus. This brings together participants from all backgrounds to learn, work and play together while providing a range of positive pathways.

In all our work we seek to have a real purpose. We want to make a difference. To the people involved, to their lives outside the programmes and to the wider community.

Modo is proud to play a real role in providing and supporting young people in their progression and on to positive pathways. In response to the clear need in Aberdeenshire, Modo has focussed on ensuring that participants gain real, valuable, transferable skills through taking part, and supporting participants to gain recognised accreditation for their achievements.