Why we do it

Circus is exciting, it requires teamwork and has within it clearly defined achievements. Through learning new skills, circus gives young people a real sense of achievement.

As well as pride in their own accomplishments, it allows young people to perform to their community and to gain accreditation, skills and experiences.

Participants and volunteers gain confidence in expression of ideas and in presenting to others. They are better equipped to make decisions and to articulate their needs and opinions.

Participation encourages the development of good communication, self expression, group work and community engagement as well as improving physical health and well-being.

It provides an enjoyable non-gender specific physical activity for those not interested in sports or other physical activities and creates a focus for the talents and enthusiasms.

It changes people's lives through the passion it brings, raising aspirations, excitement and perseverance.

We believe in:

  • providing free activities for young people that are accessible and enjoyable.
  • rewarding and accrediting progression, perseverance, teamwork and resilience.
  • providing activities that appeal to those not already engaged in positive activity.
  • creating opportunities for peer mentors and volunteers and for the development of transferable employability skills.
  • enabling participants to show and share their achievements in the community, encouraging dignity, community engagement and mutual respect